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"The anchor of our faith" Pastor Evangile Rubaduka                                        20th September 2020
"Switch on the Light" Pastor Enoch Rubaduka                                                    6th September 2020
"A lamp to my feet and light for my path" Pastor Enoch Rubaduka             30th August 2020
"Truth Trumps All" Pastor Evangile Rubaduka                                                      10th May 2020
"Who said that?" Pastor Evangile Rubaduka                                                          3rd May 2020
"So that Christ may dwell in you" Pastor Evangile Rubaduka                        26th April 2020
"Invitation to Believe"  Pastor Enoch Rubaduka                                                  19th April 2020
"The Living Well Within You"  Pastor Evangile Rubaduka                                Easter Sunday message
"Suddenly"  Pastor Enoch Rubaduka                                                                        5th April 2020                                                                    
"Call on the Name of Jesus" Pastor Enoch Rubaduka                                       29th March 2020





Audio Sermons

Pastor Evangile/Pastor David Lamb     


12th January 2020


Our Position in Christ/Prophetic Encouragement



Pastor Enoch Rubaduka

  5th January 2020


New Year Message