Part of the ICM vision is to plant a network of churches both locally and overseas.  From its beginning the ministry has invested much in overseas mission.  It contributed greatly to the resurrection of the Rwerere Health Centre in Rwanda after the the genocide there in 1994 and purchased land, which has now been used to build new facilities.  

Health CentreThe Rwerere Health Centre


Pastor Enoch visiting the orphanage in DR Congo  

We have also supported widows and orphans in the DR Congo, in particular supporting many orphans through primary, secondary and even university education.  


Jeannine with Bibles

Assistant Pastor Jeannine working with local Pastor to distribute Bibles

In 2015, Assistant Pastor Jeannine  began a very successful prison outreach ministry in Zambia.  With the help of local churches, she has reached out to over five thousand individuals providing food, clothes, soap and Bibles.  More than three thousand so far have responded to the gospel and given their lives to Jesus.